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Skin is clearer, lost weight, more pep in my step!

I highly recommend! I am pleased with my results. My skin is much clearer. I plan to do this every spring as a detox reset. I knew this was going to be great, because I have taken other challenges before from Laura. Her support is amazing. I lost weight and noticed more pep in my step. I feel so much better.

Lost 7 pounds!

As a current coaching client of Laura's program, I got a sneak peek of this detox challenge. I lost 7 pounds at the end of the 2 weeks. My husband and I both did it together. I had more energy, less cravings for sugar, and in general felt a sense of calmness to me. Thank you. I plan on doing the summer challenge next.

Great way to learn paleo eating!

This was a great way to learn paleo eating. I dealt with health issues and researched paleo as a solution. This meal plan and challenge has everything you need to eat in a paleo lifestyle. Thanks so much.

Helped me with meal prep ...

I always wanted to get better with prepping my meals ahead of time. This helped me with meal prep in so many ways. I save time and money on meals too. Recipes were fun to make.

Great guide and love the recipes!

The tips are wonderful for healthy eating especially if you are just starting. I love the on-the-go tips. Great guide and love the recipes too.

So good!

The recipes were great. I love making smoothies the night before work and I grab them to drink on the commute to work. I now have an entire collection of smoothies to choose from. So good!

Finally got help with my gut health!

Years of struggling with no help from my doctors. After this meal plan, I finally noticed a difference in my gut issues and bloating. Thank you, Laura. I recommend this to anyone struggling with constant gut problems.

I felt like a new person!

For years I had acid reflux after I ate. I tried everything. I felt hopeless. I was scared to eat. I started doing this program and within 6 weeks, I felt like a new person. I learned how to properly combine my foods. I learned about cultured foods and my body is changing. I am so blessed. I am so thankful. I would not be here without you.

Felt amazing!

I could not believe how amazing I felt. I lost weight and had no more bloat.

Tons of smoothie recipes!

I am shocked at how many smoothie recipes are in this book. I can now make a new smoothie recipe every day of the week for breakfast and never get bored.

I love all the summer recipes ...

I love all the summer recipes. The almond butter chicken stir fry is my favorite recipe from the summer challenge.

Delicious summer BBQ recipes!

Delicious summer BBQ recipes! I brought a few recipes to a backyard barbeque with some friends and they all loved the dishes I made.

Great recipe book with easy recipes...

Great recipe book with easy recipes that are healthy but also taste great. I love all the recipes I have tried so far. I plan on making more for my family this week.

Drastically Improved My Life

The Reset & Renew Program has transformed my life. I have more balance in my life. I am finally free of my old dieting mindset. I now make lifestyle choices that have drastically improved my life. This program is transformative and packed full of information. I was hesitant to spend the money but it was well worth it. I struggled with so many health issues and needed change. Laura's program is beyond packed full of guidance to take control of your health. I wish I joined sooner. Thank you for my new outlook on life and improved health.

Blends Well In My Coffee

Finally, a collagen that actually blends well in my drinks. My skin is seeing major results in how plump and hydrated it appears. I can also see a healthy glow to my skin now. I will definitely keep purchasing this.

Real Improvement In My Gut

I saw real results with this product. I have real improvement in my gut and have less digestive issues only after a week of using this. I have PCOS, as well as other health issues, and this seems to help a lot. I love it.

Helps With Bloating and Discomfort

I feel great knowing that when I eat out, I have this to help with any bloating or discomfort. Thank you for this supplement.

Great Chocolate Taste

This is the protein powder I always go back to. Love the taste. Great chocolate flavor with only clean ingredients.

I love adding to my morning coffee

I love adding to my morning coffee, because it has no flavor. My nails are growing faster and less brittle.

Completely Changed How I Look At Food

I’ve completely changed how I look at food, exercise, and the daily choices I make to feel better! It was important for me to lose weight for health reasons and my children. I lost weight and feel amazing energy. I highly recommend Laura’s programs.

I needed this!

My health was all over the place, and I didn't know what to do. I had been to doctors only to be dismissed. I knew I had the symptoms of inflammation, so I gave this meal plan a try. I feel amazing. I am truly surprised at how my body shifted into a healthier state. I don't have bloating and my energy levels are beyond. I finally feel like my old self again. Thank you for this.

Best Protein Powder. I love it!

I love the ingredients inside this protein powder. I stopped using whey protein and switched to this plant-based one because it doesn't upset my tummy. Very tasty and creamy. I love it in my shakes, smoothies, and even tried the protein pancakes recipe from the website. It mixes well too.

Absolutely love this recipe book!

The holiday recipes are great healthy swaps that I make all the time. I don't feel deprived during the holidays because I have healthy alternatives for desserts and side dishes that I bring to all my parties.

Best Holiday Recipes and Tips Guide

I always refer back to this holiday meal plan and guide every year. I love the holiday recipes too.